I do what I do because listening courageously, after extreme loss and feeling stuck, has allowed me to become myself and share my joy and excitement for life. Those I work with feel empowered, inspired and authentically alive, confident and totally connected to their own lives by being able to listen more deeply, knowing what a true next step is for them.

Through the power of listening, joyful connected people create a positive united world.

If you’re intrigued how simply listening can unlock your stuckness, passion and potential, message me and let’s listen together if I’m the right person to encourage you to be your courageous self and take your next steps.

Book 20 minute Listening Space here: https://bookme.name/traceyjane/listeningspace-20

Regular tips and conversations from those who’ve had the courage to listen here: https://courage-to-listen.com/listeningtips