How to manage your client expectations -magic for your business

Small business expert Annabel Kaye takes you through the steps to create magic in your business with some simple structural steps

annabel kaye small business expertHave you ever had a client say –“ I don’t expect to pay more for that”?
Or a client that took ages to pay?
Have you ever had a client that said “I want you to do that now”?
If you are working long hours to get the work done and not making all the money you thought you would – then you need to look at your contracts.

Yes contracts. Those boring old things that lawyers write that nobody understands!

In this online workshop we will be exploring how clear contracts can be used to:

to set and manage client expectations
discourage last minute work
maximise your profit when it really is urgent

You will also learn:
What you are legally obliged to put in writing
What you should be putting in writing to protect yourself
What will help you get paid on time

This 60 minute online workshop with Annabel Kaye from KoffeeKlatch is supported by a checklist.

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