Astro Innovation

I first met Helyn Connerr, MSc, last year having been advised to get her book to help me communicate with my teenage son better. We’ve since spent quite a bit of time together, and I’ve become fascinated about all she does.

Astro Innovation is Helyn’s astrology company. She’s helped me understand that there is something ‘in’ the planetary movements, and that by learning more about our own star charts (and there are many of them, and so many different things we can learn from each one), we can grow and develop ourselves with much more depth than previously. That’s my experience anyway!

I loved a workshop Helyn ran last year that showed us that by looking at the stars, she could explain why things were a little bit more turbulent on planet earth than we’d expected, (particularly the Brexit vote and Trump’s election). It was fascinating, and I love learning about how the planets affect all of us – and not just the tides!

helyn connerr astro innovationAstro Innovation

…..draws upon the ancient astrological database, mythological/archetypal patterns, and the New Physics to empower through insights and new perspectives on your life – and to make practical sense of today’s complex issues……

Individual Sessions
Personal Consultations – my in-depth approach to astrology reveals the core issues of your life, your strengths, talents and capabilities, your long and short-term learning lessons, your purpose and highest potential, including practical, helpful strategies, current challenges and areas of growth.

Group activities
The Practical Astrology Workshop Series – active and participatory, conveying serious topics in
light-hearted ways, using costumes, props, drama, discussion, art, music, humour and always
focusing on our own authentic qualities, for professional or personal development.

Even if you’re just curious about astrology, I’d suggest booking an individual consultation with Helyn and make a start at learning more. She’s an excellent teacher & wonderful coach and counsellor. I can’t wait for my next session with her!

Astrology reading:

“A good introduction to astrology, an exploration of your core solar/lunar polarity, your inner masculine and feminine, their distinct natures and the dance they do, all placed within the context of the celestial geometry, the big sky behind the natal chart.”

Contact Helyn at Astro Innovation directly:

Phone: 01539 822225

FaceBook: @AstroInnovation
Twitter: @HConnerr