Grabbing Black Friday bargains can be exciting, fun and get lots of amazing products at bargain prices. If you’re Christmas shopping and you get everything off your list, that’s great. If you’re a business owner, grabbing random products just because they’re a Black Friday bargain it can be costly.

Like all things in business, and life, you’ll achieve better results if you have a plan. And plans don’t have to be boring! Go for the top of your wishlist. Just make sure it works for your business development, and not put you into debt “because it was a bargain”.

Tips for Black Friday Bargain Shopping for business

  1. Keep your end goal in focus when you create your shopping list. If you’re looking for supporting with marketing or sales, don’t buy a finance package. If you’re looking for a training course about Excel for Word, don’t get one for Mac.
  2. What’s your focus for the next 3 – 6 months. If it’s not what this Black Friday bargain is offering, it’s not for you. You don’t need to be tying up money in something now you don’t need for another 6 months or more. Focus on what you need right now to get yourself and your business growing.
  3. Only buy from people or places you’ve heard of or have been recommended. Many of us have already seen many Black Friday sales emails, pages, Facebook ads and social media shares. There are a lot of Black Friday Bargains out there already, and it’s only Tuesday! If you’re going to pick up a bargain, you want to make sure that you’re buying from someone you’ve been following for a while, or you’d like to work with, or someone has recommended. You haven’t got time to check everyone’s reviews out with all the shopping you want to do & you want to ensure the money you invest is going to be beneficial to you and your business
  4. What value would you put on that offer if it wasn’t being sold as a Black Friday Bargain. Is it really a bargain? Or was it over priced to start with? Be really honest with yourself. This is about you, not what someone else thinks or recommends.
  5. Have a clear budget allocated for your Black Friday Bargain shopping. Bargains are only great if you can afford them. If you’re putting bargain offers on your credit card, how much will that really cost you in the long run? Is it worth getting the bargain now as you know it’s the final bit in the jigsaw and you’ll get your money back next month? That’s great.
  6. Schedule your shopping research time. You could spend all week looking at all the offers as they come into your inbox or appear on your social media feed. Allocate some time if you’ve got a budget, or there’s something specific you’re looking for, or think may be discounted.
  7. Enjoy your Black Friday bargain shopping. Get pleasure from your shopping. If something doesn’t feel quite right, don’t buy it. The bargains available are amazing, but they’re not right for all of us. If you’re gut is talking to you, listen to it.

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The Best Bundle For Business Owners In 2019

16 different digital products including courses, memberships and support from an amazing group of business owners who want you to succeed in 2019. Sales, marketing, website, personal development, video, PR, personal development, mindset. All aspects of business support. I haven’t worked out how much this is all worth yet, but it’s ONLY £27 for access to everything. Even our very own Get Your Website Working course is included (usually £147), so even if it’s just that you redeem (you’d be silly, but that’s your choice).


Quality Stock Images you can use over and over in your business

If you use a lot of imagery in your business and spend hours searching for free images to use, then this Black Friday bargain is made for you. Buy a token to then select 100 quality photos for you to use, credit free, in your business brochures, your social media, and anywhere you else you fancy.

This has been released early, but they often have limited numbers available: DEPOSIT PHOTOS BLACK FRIDAY BARGAIN

Monthly one to one coaching and ongoing business support with Business Cheerleading Club Elevator Membership

If you know you’re wanting more support to help you get to that next level, I’ve only 7 places available for VIP members. Each month we’ll have an hour together in an online meeting room discussing / working through / looking at, whatever you need support with at that time.

The ongoing support with the club membership of monthly business training, weekly support and online forum, monthly business expert workshop, will enhance your business support team.

Limited places available: Elevator Membership

Any tips you’d add for others as you go Black Friday Bargain shopping? Leave a comment below