Bra Lady

Bra Lady is a network of self employed bra fitters, trained and supported by Tracey-Jane Hughes, so this business is close to our hearts, (literally!).

Tracey-Jane set up the bra fitting network to ensure women across the UK are able to have a bra fitting in their own home, from a trained bra fitter who wants them to have the best bra for them.

Tracey-Jane started selling bras after she was sold a nursing bra which fitted one week and not the next, when she was breastfeeding her second son. It was at the time when the breasts get smaller and the bra fitter hadn’t told T-J this was going to happen. After doing some research, T-J realised that many women weren’t being advised correctly during pregnancy and breastfeeding, so she started her own home bra fitting service across Lancashire and the North West.

T-J as an experienced trainer and manager, took the business one step further, and started the network so that more women across the country could get access to a specialist bra fitter.

bra lady home bra fitting serviceThe Bra Lady network have been supporting women in their own homes since 2004. Offering a home bra fitting service, each Bra Lady runs their own business, offering bra styles and ranges of their choice. Most bra fitters in the network offer mastectomy bras, maternity bras, nursing bras, soft cup bras, sports bras, and teen bras, alongside a small range of underwired bras for everyday wear.

Each Bra Lady holds her own stock, but as a network we work together to find the right bras for you, whatever you’re looking for.

The current team have some specialist areas of interest:

Cambridge Bra Lady – maternity and nursing bras, mastectomy bras, & sports bras
Fenland Bra Lady – plus size bras, underwired bras, mastectomy bras & teen bras
Bournemouth Bra Lady – maternity and nursing bras

Contact them directly for advice & appointments. For general bra fitting advice, ask our bra fitters who offers a mail order service if necessary.

If you’d like to set up your own home bra fitting service, contact Tracey-Jane Hughes and let’s get you going.

The bra fitters love what they do, supporting women, and each has had their own bra epiphany through their own training and trying on hundreds of bras. They love helping other women learn more about bra fitting and finding the right bra for them, whatever their circumstance, size and shape.

It’s a fabulous specialist service which we love supporting.

Contact each Bra Lady individually, or through the main network contacts:

Main contact

Facebook: BraLadyUK

Twitter: @BraLadyUK