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Want a place to talk/learn business where you know you’ll be able to ask whatever you want and not be judged about what you do, or how you run and grow your business?

There is a place to go & talk business, learn time saving tips, & get support for yourself & your business, so that your business grows in the right way for you. Not been there yet?

Let me introduce you.

Do you want:


Monthly business coaching plus on-going support, without it costing more than your earning each month



Business training, and support, to do “those things” quicker, better, easier, so you can cross it off your list



Experts in business who are happy to share their knowledge with you, and want you to succeed in growing your business, your way



A place to go and talk business, with business owners who know exactly what it’s like to juggle / things not work out as you expect


Sustainable business growth takes time, but time is the ‘thing’ most business owners say they need more of. What if you had one place to go for business training, support and coaching, with resources from experts about how to do “this” and “that” in your business.

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Or, keep reading below to learn more about how the Business Cheerleading Club can help you and your business grow…

Dear Business Owner,

If you’re frustrated with having to join lots of different groups and take lots of courses to find out how to do “that thing” in your business, and get the support to implement it in your business, read on.

Have you ever experienced the following?

  • Joined a networking group as you were told you’d get good support for growing your business
  • Paid to work with a business coach or adviser, who turned out to have never run their own business
  • Done a course to learn how to do something, but then when you come to implement it, the trainer tells you they can’t help as you’re “out of time”, the support finished last month
  • See experts who you know will really help you grow your business, but their special offer is not at the time you can work with them (financially or commit the time)

There’s no need to juggle all these things anymore.

I’ll show you how by getting business support, training and coaching in one place you will save time and energy which is better spent on working in your business, even if you’ve already got a business support team around you.

What members are saying about The Business Cheerleading Club

“Having access to lots of different people with so much valuable information which I probably couldn’t access myself…”


Cambridge, bras4mums

“The coaching session I had helped me get my thoughts clear. My mind wasn’t jumbled up, and I had a clear plan of action to follow. Thank you T-J”


Preston, Karen Peddie Holistics

“It’s beneficial to air a problem, and put it out there. It makes you think more deeply about it rather than it rolling around in your head. It’s lovely to have other people’s ideas & then work out what’s right for me. I recommend being part of the Business Cheerleading Club, whatever stage of business you’re at.”

Jane Fox

Preston, Created4U

There’s no “one size fits all” business model, and we welcome that we’re all different

In the Business Cheerleading Club you’ll get support, encouragement & motivation from business owners, with all sorts of experiences who understand what it’s like & can help you. You can ask any question, knowing that no-one is judging you. In fact, everyone wants you and your business to succeed, even if you’re in the same industry

I’m a business owner, just like you

I’ve been a business owner for over 15 years, and understand that as a business owner you need support, training, and encouragement to grow your business. We all need a safe place to go and shout “it’s not fair”, every so often, and have a rant; as well as place to tell someone how proud you are that you’ve achieved one thing off your list today, as the telephones just didn’t stop ringing and you couldn’t get on with your ‘work’. You can’t tell your partner as they’ll look at you bemused and say, “What? One thing? I’d be sacked if that was all I’d done today!”

It’s not easy running a business, and juggling life stuff too, is it?

I love watching and supporting other people grow and succeed. When I’m coaching people, I listen to them, and help them see what they know deep down but had forgotten, or hidden. I support them to describe their options, and then work out what the next step is for them. It works. Business owners take more ownership of their actions and opportunities, and they grow personally which helps their business to grow in ways they hadn’t expected.

I guess I’ve never found one place where I could go and get the support, training and coaching I wanted, so I’ve created the Business Cheerleading Club for business owners to get exactly what you need to grow yourself and your business.

“I have to be honest, business was completely out of my comfort zone, and if it’s wasn’t for T-J, I’d have had absolutely no idea of how to move forward with my business plans. She has put me in touch with relevant people and support groups, but more importantly, T-J nurtures every aspect, not just in a business sense, but as a person too.

I think, at times, I could have ran away from the business idea. But T-J never gave up on me. She understands and supports the pace I like to work at, and helps to set goals for me to reach until our next catch up meeting so I’m always progressing. I am able to move forward with my business because of her passion for helping others, her invaluable advice, and most of all her belief in me.”

Sarah Stewart

Preston, Sarah Stewart Designs

“T-J has a spent a couple of hours with me to overview the vision and strategy I had developed for a new business launch. Very quickly, this huge concept had the simplicity I was looking for. T-J’s questions and insights gave me clarity, confidence and we acheived daily, weekly, monthly action points to move forward with commitment and ease. Thank you T-J you are a real asset to anyone’s business.”

Alexandra Worsley


Introducing the Business Cheerleading Club



your own group of personal cheerleaders, who are business owners and want you to succeed and cheer you on to grow your business



access to an experienced coach, and business owner, who, by listening to you and asking questions, you’ll work out what the next step is for you.



take part in the Action Spotlight coaching session, where you have 20 minutes coaching on your issue/problem/idea with Tracey-Jane.



talk with other business owners who may have experienced something similar will offer their ideas to help you with an issue, idea or problem



each month take part in a mini training session, on one aspect of your business. You’ll receive a tutorial to look at one area that you could work on/ review / start / improve. This is a video, with audio version available, plus a checklist and sometimes a template for you to carry our your review of that particular area of your business.



as a club member, you’ll also get access to more in depth training courses on an aspect of business for cheaper price, or early bird access


What’s included each month:

1. Coaching, worth £150

  • 90 minute action spotlight coaching every month for you to get really focused on something in your business
  • On-going support and follow up in the group with experienced business owners and coaches to ask the challenging question to help you work out your next step
  • Recorded & saved for 3 months

2. At your own pace Training, worth £97

  • Up to 20 minute tutorial on one aspect of business, plus a checklist & a template if relevant to the topic
  • On-going support and follow up in the group to ensure you can implement your learning in your business, whatever system you use
  • available any time.

3. Online training workshop, worth £97

  • 60 minute online workshop led by expert in their field on a topic relevant to business owners
    e.g. “Nail your 60 second pitch”, “Starting that difficult conversation”, “Using comments to grow your business”

4. Friendly community who want you to succeed, priceless

  • online community of business owners, with no restrictions of ‘who’s allowed in’.
  • if you want to grow your business you qualify
  • if you can support other business owners to grow their businesses by sharing tips, you can join
  • if you want to have a laugh & run your business, you’re in the right place