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8 week online business school for your business development and growth

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I have been working with Tracey-Jane for several months. She is awesome! Her short group coaching sessions are always just what I need. Tracey-Jane not only listens to what I’m saying, but she also hears the energetic subtext underneath my words. She kindly rephrases my statements in ways that allow me to see where I’m tripping my self up by making things too complicated in my head! We then narrow in on one or two actionable steps and I’m unstuck and moving forward again!

Laura Donnelly

Dancing with Ease

It’s half way through the year and your business is growing. You’ve got lots more things you want to achieve this year. Yet you know it’s going to be more challenging to continue at the pace you’ve been working up until now.

The summer offers you an opportunity to review, re-focus and take time out of your business to work on your business to ensure you continue to succeed and grow your business in the way that works for you.

Business Summer School – 8 weeks of business support

I know only too well how challenging it is to maintain your focus, and take time to review and check that your plans are still the right ones to continuing growing your business. It’s also hard, especially over the summer months when your usual support teams are having holidays, and you may be taking some time out with family, to keep the momentum you’ve created going.

The 8 week Business Summer School is a mixture of group tutorials focused on the topics the group want help with, question and answer sessions on any topic, one to one coaching and action sessions and group action learning. The Business Summer School will be run online, using zoom meeting rooms, with group support on a dedicated Slack channel.

Starting w/c 15th July, for only £49 a week you’ll get:


3 One to One sessions

3 x 20 minute one to one sessions with experienced business owner, coach & listener Tracey-Jane Hughes. Use the time for working something out, or personal training. Whatever you need at the time.


Weekly tutorial

Weekly 20 minute business focused tutorial with Q&A to dive deep for your own business.

Topics will focus on the issues and skills business summer school members request.

2 Action Learning Sets

Two action learning sets for the group. Action learning is a fantastic way of using the skills and knowledge of peer group to develop an idea, work through a challenging situation & commit to taking action.


Weekly Q & A

Weekly Q & A time for live chat to get support and give you help on any aspect of growing your business. Group chat available for check in, questions, support and advice open throughout the programme.

You’ll also get access to any business workshop recordings relevant to your focused work over the 8 weeks. These include content marketing, sales, procrastination, planning, contracts.

Tracey-Jane listens intently to what you have to say and responds so thoughtfully you know she’s heard and understood everything you’ve said. She has a way of re-framing you’re words that puts things into perspective. She breaks down even the biggest tasks into the smallest, simplest steps that make overwhelm disappear. If you’re looking for business coaching or support, there’s no one better to have in your corner, I highly recommend you book in Tracey-Jane.

Alice Andreat

Fabulous with Alice

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Business Summer School starts 15th July, and all workshops and tutorials will be recorded. The confirmed timetable will be published shortly, and is based on UK and US time zones for attendees. You will be able to book your one to one sessions at times suitable to you using the school link sent in the confirmation email.

8 week Business Summer School for £397. Pay now & get your business growing this summer.

If you’d prefer to pay in instalments, please use this link to set up 3 payments of £150 use the link below:

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