Starting your own PR with Carrie Eddins

PR expert Carrie Eddins takes you through the steps you need to take to start doing your own PR

Carrie Eddins starting your own PRThe good news is that doing PR in 2018 and beyond is that you can gain access to pretty much any journalist 24/7….

The bad news is so can everyone else!

The good news is that the media are looking 24/7 for fresh ideas, stories and opinions… The bad news is that most people do not know how to present these to the hungry media

The good news is that it is easy to get start with PR, because of the internet… the bad news is that there are few things you need to know when you are brave enough to get started with doing your own PR.

In this workshop PR Expert Carrie Eddins shares some of her proven secrets that have got her clients across the national press and gained the trust of many journalists. As the purpose of PR is not just a one-off piece but to be featured again and again and again to become a trusted source to journalists! Carrie breaks down some of the myths and some of the all-important rules of PR to help you start your own PR journey, with those all important first steps.

This 60 minute online workshop helps you make a start on doing your own PR.

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