I’ve had a few conversations these past two weeks with business owners who are struggling to grow their business. When they talked about where they felt stuck and confused in their business, we identified that it was caused by an unwillingness to change something in their business which was holding them back.

With one business owner, the business structure had changed, and she was wanting to move the business in a new direction. Yet she was still holding onto the past and the “old way”. Literally with stock she was holding, which wasn’t selling, yet she couldn’t buy the new stock she wanted, without getting the cash in for this.

For another, they needed more time in their business to grow it, and had found a way of creating this by shifting their schedule around. Yet they were still stuck no change.


Change is good for you

change is good for you and your businessWe all know that if we change our state we can shift ourselves out of a state of mind, or re-energise ourselves. Simply going to get a glass of water changes our state and helps us clear our heads. We know change is good for us, yet we often sit at our desks for hours on end with no break, getting more and more worked up. Most people like wearing new clothes and new shoes.


I’m no pyschotherapist, but I know that my monkey mind has a lot to do with it for me! The monkeys say, “just get this done, then you’ll be happy”. Oh how I wish they’d keep quiet. When I talk back to them and say, “no, I’m taking a break as I’ll do this better & be even happier when I come back to it”, life is great. Are you the same?

The saying, “A change is as good as a break” is so common, that we probably don’t hear it any more. But when we do get 5 minutes fresh air, even hanging the washing out if you’re working from home, we feel more energised when we come back to that thing we were struggling with previously.

It follows that change is good for your business too


If you’ve got some stock that isn’t selling, and you need the cash to buy new stock which your customers want, what’s the sensible thing to do?

If you’ve got a burning desire to focus on a new customer type, as you know you’ll love working with them, why aren’t you doing what you love?

If you’ve found something you don’t like doing in your business, that’s stopping you from doing something you love, why can’t you hand that over to someone else to do?

What’s stopping you changing something in your business?

That question can be a hard one to answer if we’re not aware that we want to change something in the first place. For the business owners I’ve worked with these past few weeks, it’s been fear of letting go. You could say they were in their comfort zone. Yet, it wasn’t feeling comfortable any more because they knew they needed to change something. They just sometimes couldn’t see what it was clearly enough to do something about it.

When you spend time reviewing your business you’ll see what needs changing (and I’m talking tweaking really here mainly, rather than wholesale business structure or totally new products!). That means you need time in your business schedule to be doing something different from working IN your business. I often have my review time in a totally different place from where I usually work. Sometimes I’ll have a long walk first (I love walking and being outdoors), to change my state and be in a relaxed mood before I look at my business with, hopefully, clear eyes.

Do you need help with committing to change in your business?

Sometimes we need others to help us commit to change. You may have a great support team around you who will keep you on track for the changes you want to make. Fantastic. Use them. They want you to succeed, and if you need to make tweaks and changes, be confident to do what’s needed.

If you’re not sure, let us help. For the business owners I’ve mentioned here, all it took was 20 minutes to review, look at options and commit to action. Have you got 20 minutes to explore and review your business?

Book a free explore session (limited availability), and let’s help you make the changes you need to move your business forward.