Chic Glassware

I’m delighted to welcome Liz Chick and Chic Glassware to our Advent Calendar.

Liz and I have been best friends for almost 20 years – wow! That’s a long time! πŸ™‚ Liz has many talents, and it was wonderful that she started taking her crafty interest further, and has created her own business from a hobby. It’s been wonderful supporting her, and the business growth over the past couple of years.

chic glassware


I love creating unique gifts for people to give away to loved ones, or for special occasions. I love the challenges some people give me, and whilst I don’t (can’t) share all the work I’ve done, I love everything I create. I often don’t want to hand them over to the client!

I hand paint, then seal the paint, onto glassware. If you have your own glasses you’d like me to make unique, I can do that too for you. Bespoke hand painted glasses are perfect for parties, christenings, weddings, retirements and of course Christmas.

I enjoy creating glasses for a whole Christmas party, and hearing the stories of who will be coming for the party my clients are wanting the glasses painted for. I work from your ideas to create the unique chic glassware for you. There are some favourite designs people love, and I personalise many glasses to make them even more special for those you’re buying for.

Children seem to love having their ‘special glass’, but we’ve also done unique glasses for dinner and party guests, so no-one can get their glass muddled up!

Chic glassware can create centerpieces for table decorations for weddings, anniversaries or parties, which you can then give to special guests at the end as a thank you. If you don’t feel creative, simply give us a theme, and we’ll take it from there to create unique glass gifts for you.

We post chic glassware around the world. Last orders for Christmas 2017 15th December.

Whilst you may well already be sorted for Christmas presents this year, the glasses chic glassware created for the Christmas dinner table two years ago made that year extra special for the extended family. Consider getting Liz to create something special and unique for a special friend or for a special gift.

Contact Liz at chic glassware directly and use your creativity to make others smile πŸ™‚

Facebook: @chicglassware

Instagram: @chicglassware