In response to the current crisis, there’s a need to support local people and connect them with local businesses and volunteers who can help them.

Using the website & app as the first place of support and encourage neighbours to help others. Register and join your local Coronavirus Support Group (if there’s not one in your area please create one).

To try and help co-ordinate with businesses who need deliveries doing with those who can’t leave the house and maybe aren’t online we need to help each other. There’s families who have elderly and vulnerable people in the borough that they want to get support for.

Please use the forms for now as a starting point to help make those connections more easily. We’re working on a website for all the information in one place easily.

This is a starting point and any ideas about what is needed and how you can help would be gratefully received.

I'm a Local Business

Many local businesses are able to offer food and general supplies. Please complete this form as a starting point to help local volunteers know where they can come for those they’re supporting.

If you need help (maybe with deliveries) please say that too. There’s lots of people already offered help with this. If community can take some of the extra things off you you can focus on what you’re best at 🙂

I can offer help

As a local person you have many skills and talents. Thank you for offering your help and support.

Please complete this form as it’ll be easier to connect you to the businesses and people in the community who need help more quickly. However we encourage you to join and join your local Coronavirus support group for your small area. If you could lead or support a group of houses in your area please put that on your form too 🙂

I need some help

We all need help at some point in our lives. Right now we’re living in very different circumstances from anything we’ve experienced before.

The community can’t help unless they know you need help, so this way we can try and get you help, or help for a family member or friend you’re worried about.

Fill the form in and we’ll do our best with the volunteers who’ve offered to help.