Business Success 2018

I’m Laura Donnelly and I own Dancing with Ease – Body Brain Balance, Alexander Technique

I help people who are stressed and overwhelmed by physical pain, emotional upset, or mental confusion.

I teach people to get out of their own way, to stop overworking, and to discover the “right effort” for the activities they complete in work and life.

By observing and choosing to notice Ease in their lives the people I work with learn to move with Ease and understand that Body-Brain Balance is a dynamic, changing alignment of body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Website: Dancing with Ease – Body Brain Balance

Address: Manhattan, KS 66503, USA

Phone: 520-784-3456

What have you enjoyed most about 2018?

Getting my online classes started. Being part of the Navigate Bundle.

What’s been your proudest moment this year?

Becoming comfortable with live online broadcasts.

What’s been your biggest win in your business in 2018?

Helping people discover the power of Ease and how they can “dance with Ease” to create more joy and happiness in their lives.

How has the Business Cheerleading Club helped you achieve/support you in 2018?

Being part of a group of people cheering each other’s wins has been tremendously supportive. Business Cheerleading Club is a safe place for me to share my wins. When others congratulated me on my success I was able to learn to accept these congratulations. This helped me get over being afraid to acknowledge my successes publicly. Business Cheerleading Club is a safe place to ask for advice, share frustrations, and get the support to get back to work!

What one tip would you give other business owners to grow their business in the right way for them?

Find a group like this with people you resonate with – it will help you achieve your goals. Building a business can be lonely, isolating and frustrating. Being in a group where you cheer others and receive their support changes everything.

Anything else you’d like to add or share

I’m excited to expand my business in 2019 to share the concepts of Ease and Body-Brain Balance with 1,500 people.

Wow Laura, look at those figures! It’s been fantastic watching you and your business grow this year. Watching you get comfortable with lots of things in your business has been wonderful to see. It felt like the caterpillar who was fighting with his crysallis and not knowing where to start showing her brilliant new wings, has suddenly found she has wings and is now using them to good effect. Thank you for sharing your skills and talents with club members, and others. I’ve learnt so much from you, and feel more AT ease 🙂

My favourite book of the year is

Freedom to Change, by Frank Pierce Jones

If you'd like help and support to grow your business