Book Review

Seven Simple Steps to Stop Emotional Eating: targeting your body by changing your mind

by Sally Baker and Liz Hogan

You may wonder why I’m talking about an emotional eating book on this business focused website. Many business owners often focus on their business first and their health is way down the list of priorities. If you work late, you may not be eating as healthy as usual. Or if you’re doing long hours in advance of an event, you may not be spending as much time on food shopping and preparing. Personally I’ve struggled with emotional eating over my years in business, so I’m sharing this book as it may help you, or someone you know.

It’s OK to look after yourself, and make yourself a priority. Put it another way, if you’re not well, what happens to your business? I believe a healthier you makes for a healthier business. So that’s why this book review is here as I want to think about your whole life to grow your business in the right way for you and your family.

What Amazon says about this book:

“Did another ‘New Year’s resolution’ to lose weight fail? Maybe overeating and staying overweight are unconscious ‘survival decisions’ for you or someone you care about? If they are, no matter how many tried-and-tested diets you follow, you will not succeed. Therapists Sally Baker and Liz Hogon offer this practical guide to understanding the emotional reasons for overeating and how to overcome these, based on their training and experience in emotional freedom technique (EFT), hypnotherapy, PSTEC and other related therapies. Throughout they illustrate their approach with client case histories and help readers to put theory into practice with step-by-step exercises, worksheets to complete and related free downloads from their website.”

My book review

When I see the words “simple steps” in a book title I’m often sceptical. The author may think what they’ve written is simple to them, but how am I going to be able to implement what they’re teaching? Are you the same?

Well, this book certainly does give simple steps, with exercises and checklists, and downloads on the author’s website to help people with a variety of learning styles and eating habits. I have confidence to use this book in a number of ways, and I’ve shared it with friends, family and colleagues who have struggled to get in control of their eating habits over the years for all sorts of reasons.

I found the writing style easy to read, and the use of case studies showed me that I wasn’t alone. It proved that the exercises have helped others, so why not me and my friends?

If you know someone who struggles, and is concerned about their weight or eating habits, I’d highly recommend this book and the sister book How To Feel Differently About Food: liberation and recovery from emotional eating

I know that many people struggle with what food represents. There are fads & the media encourages one new food or diet each week. Yet more people than ever are obese.
Your book explains, encourages and supports us all to understand our relationship with food. There’s so many different things we can do to be healthier – and it’s not all about food!
I encourage you to learn from this book and share this knowledge with those you live with, cook for, work with or support in any way.
A comprehensive support and resource for us all.

Tracey-Jane Hughes Amazon review


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