Get your website working

How to get your website working for you – RESOURCES

I hope you’re enjoying the course, and benefiting from the learning you’re doing. Some of it I know you’ll find easy, other aspects will be more tricky for you. That’s where you may need extra help.

Here’s some of the extra resources and support you can access as part of your Get your Website Working course.

You get access to the online forums within the course learning area as part of your package. If you require more one to one support, or a personal review of your website, or technical work doing, please book it here.

If you’re not sure what you need, please just ask and we’ll work out together what your options are.

Set up Google Analytics

  • Set up google analytics for you and activate it on your website
  • Ensure your google webmaster console is linked to your analytics and website

We will ask you to give us details of your website and your google account (if you don’t have one we’ll set one up for you) once payment has been received.



Independent Website Review

  • Review of your website with eagle eyes and our online tracking tools
  • You’ll get a report from the team which identifies all aspects of your website, and information about how to improve each area

You’ll be asked for information about your website so we can run our tests and reports for you, once payment has been received.


Technical first fix

  • Technical website fixes from your initial review of your website
  • This will look specifically at the issues you raise from your webmaster console review, and your speed test results
  • If we’ve done the review for you, we’ll know what to fix in this first fix to give your website most benefit

We will ask you for access to your website once payment has been received. It is advised you set us up as a new user so you can track what we do.


One to one time

  • Use this time to review your strategy, plan your time, work out next steps
  • Use this time to learn how to do something one to one with your trainer
  • Whatever you need help with, asking for help can help you achieve it quicker

20 minutes for £40 OR, 60 minutes for £99

Book 20 minutes here:

Book 60 minutes here:

PLUS support addition

  • You’ve already got the simple programme, so this is an upgrade
  • Done for you Audit of your website with guidelines for your next action steps
  • 1 x one hour training call with Tracey-Jane Hughes to ensure you stay on track with what you’re wanting your website to achieve for you



DOUBLE PLUS extra support

  • You’ve got the SIMPLE course already
  • Website audit
  • 2 x one hour training call with the right expert trainer for you to keep you on track, and understand the detail of what you’re doing and wanting your website to achieve