Get your website working

This course is great. Thrown up some really useful insights about how my site is currently working and where I can make improvements, and I’m only on day 1!

Esther Nagle

Balance and Breathe

How to get your website working for you

By learning, and implementing, these website tips and tools you’ll be able to easily get your website bringing clients regularly to you.

Here’s what we’ll do:

  1. Check your google analytics stats.
  2. Quick audit on your website so you learn each aspect about your website – what’s working & what needs attention – including site speed & page errors
  3. Is your meta data set up correctly for your website
  4. Is your About page telling your clients what they need to know?
  5. Can your clients contact you easily?
  6. What directories and local pages are you listed on? Is the information up to date?
  7. Is the information you’re sharing on your website relevant and what your ideal customers are wanting to know?
  8. If someone visits your website do they know your business is still working?
  9. How does your social media strategy link to your overall online marketing strategy?
  10. Ensure you have a complete strategy and action plan for continuing to get your website bringing clients to you

During this 10 step programme, you’ll receive bite size step by step tutorials and checklists for each part of the process. You’ll learn how to review and action each stage of getting your website bringing clients.

Not only will you receive weekly sessions with all video tutorial and checklists included with all you need for that step, you’ll have an online support forum to ask questions about your particular website and issues. If you’d like more support, you can request more for an extra fee.

By the end of the 10 week programme, (if you need longer, that’s fine), you’ll have a clear strategy to continue to grow your website bringing clients action plan.

For all this training, support and encouragement, you’ll pay £147 (for the 10 units, and unlimited time in support forum).


SIMPLE support programme

  • Step by step video tutorials with checklists & guides for each of the 10 sections of the programme. Delivered through online training portal
  • Online support group for ongoing support. Ask questions, get help & grow your network of online supporters



PLUS support programme

  • SIMPLE programme, PLUS:
  • Done for you Audit of your website with guidelines for your next action steps
  • 1 x one hour training call with Tracey-Jane Hughes to ensure you stay on track with what you’re wanting your website to achieve for you



DOUBLE PLUS support programme

  • PLUS programme, plus
  • 2 x one hour training call with the right expert trainer for you to keep you on track, and understand the detail of what you’re doing and wanting your website to achieve