Getting the right gifts for business owners you know can be the perfect encouragement for them to either take the next step in growing their business, or taking the time out they truly deserve.

Whatever you’d add to your own Gift Wish List, may well be perfect for someone else too. So how do you choose the right gifts for business owners you know?

How to choose Gifts for Business Owners

gifts for business ownersWhat stage of business are they at? Business start up owners will need quite different support and products for themselves and their business, to established business owners.

Is there some software or a product they need to help grow their business? A piece of software to help reduce time is a fantastic gift for business owners. You have to know what they need and how it will fit with what they’ve already got. I love AppSumo for great value software for business owners, but the offers aren’t always what’s right for now. One option which some business owners would love is the Briefcase of software and tools for a monthly fee.

Would a training course help them grow their business? For any business owner who has to learn to do everything in their business, learning those skills can be time consuming and costly. What a great gift you’d be giving if you can give a business training course, or workshop, or skills course to the business owner in your life.

Encourage time out with treat days. Many business owners don’t take enough time off from their business. This leads to them getting run down, often poorly, and sometimes leads them to stop enjoying their business. Great gifts for business owners would be a day out, or even a coffee and cake voucher to make sure they look after themselves well. You may need to encourage them to put the date in their diary!

More time I’m not being flippant, but one of the constant desires of business owners is the desire to have more time. More time in their business. More time with their family. More time doing the things they want to do. How can you help them get more time? Could you offer to babysit so they can go out with friends? Could you offer to help out at the business for a few hours?

Time is also a great gift for business owners as it doesn’t cost you a penny! But the value you’re offering with this gift is immense.

Do they have good Business Support? One of the hardest things business owners find is that they don’t have the right support to help them keep going when things get tough. Or a place to go and ask for help, or “how to” do things. Often the thing we need to do as a business owner is fairly simple, we just don’t know how to do it! So, having the right business support team can be crucial to success. A place like the Business Cheerleading Club would be a great general support for them. It offers monthly business training, a monthly expert business workshop, ongoing business support forum for any ‘silly’ question. If you’d like to buy an annual membership for them, you can do that here.

Are they a stationary lover? Having lovely things around you can make a real difference when you’re running a business. It’s not just pens and paper, but journals too which can be important to keep a business owner on track. The 13 week planner is a perfect gift for you to give. You can choose to buy one, or a subscription for them.

Ask them what’s important to them

The business owner you’re buying a gift for may well have a list of things they’d like. It’s always helpful to know what they’re aiming for next. It may be they’re saving up for a piece of software, or a new website, or a new piece of equipment. You could contribute to that if that will help them.

Listen to what they’re not asking for though. You may well sense they need time out, or a real treat away from the business, and buy their gift accordingly.

What are your favourite gifts for business owners?

I’ve bought this bundle of products and courses for one of the special people in my life, as well as getting it for myself. There’s 19 different amazing things which would suit any business owner at any stage of their business. It’s also at a one off amazing price of £27, so if you’re struggling to know what to get the business owner in your life, I know they’d be delighted with this. It’s only available at this price until Wednesday, so don’t delay in grabbing it.

If you’re buying this as a gift, ideally you’d use the email address of the person you’re gifting it to, so that all the information goes directly to them. If you’ve any questions, please ask. One of my products is in the bundle, the Get your website working course.