I’ve known Angie from Glenbreck Health for about 9 years now, and she’s always been involved with improving people’s health in some way. When she told me she was setting up a new business with the lovely Norma MacPherson it made perfect sense.

Glenbreck Health Ltd have grown rapidly, and their plans for further growth are very exciting. Supporting small and medium sized businesses to keep their workforce healthy and efficient is a big goal, but one which the team are working hard to develop.

I’ve enjoyed helping them with some business technical skills and coaching this year, which has helped them clarify things more, and get things moving to the next stage of business growth.

glenbreck health managing workplace healthWe are a group of highly skilled Occupational Health Professionals with many years experience who specialise in managing all aspects of workplace health for small to medium sized businesses. We can advise on and help with policies and procedures, statutory health surveillance, COSHH compliance, pre-employment assessment, sickness absence and the management of long term health problems which affect people at work. We have special expertise in stress management, mental health issues, musculoskeletal problems and health assessments for off shore workers.

We work closely with our clients, building a relationship to design a cost effective service which meets the specific needs of each business. Whether a business employs 3 or 300 people we will work to provide an appropriate Occupational Health service to meet the needs of each client.

As a business we have 16 years experience working specifically with small to medium sized businesses and we have learned a great deal about the specific challenges which are faced by them. Each client is given an individual service based on the knowledge and experience we have accumulated in this field. We can offer a one off service for a particular problem or we can provide a regular on site service which is reviewed every three months and can be adapted or terminated with three months notice. Companies do not have to be tied into long contracts.

We provide an individually designed service which is audited and reviewed with the client and constantly adapted to meet their changing needs.

It’s always wonderful to see people and businesses grow, and I know that Glenbreck Health has everything in place to grow their services and support more businesses with their workplace health.

Even if you’re not sure what you need to do, or have in place, as a business owner, Glenbreck Health can help you get systems and procedures in place to ensure your staff have a healthy and happy workplace.

To find out more, or ask a ‘silly’ question, contact Glenbreck Health directly:

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