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We all have ideas and dreams. It’s what we do with them that either makes our dreams come true, or they simply remain dreams forever.

If your dream is to start or grow a business in 2019 but you can’t get started, here’s some tips to help inspire you to take the next step. As my eldest son said this week, “it’s not the goal, but the taking the first step towards it that’s the hardest but most important step to take”. How wise he’s becoming.


Steps to grow a business in 2019


Know what business you want to create or grow.

If you’ve got a few ideas you want to explore, talk it through with a friend or mentor and really get it clear. Without the clarity of knowing what you want to achieve you will find yourself going around in circles.

If you’d like to ensure you know exactly what’s at the heart of you which truly makes you happy, book a Find your Why session.

Start small, even when you have big ideas.

Yes you may be wanting to take over the world with your product or service, but let’s start small, but keep global domination in mind to work towards next year. You have to start somewhere, and if you’re uncertain if this is the right product/service to share with others, test it out. Try it with friends and family. Create a research group to test your ideas out before you go to market with your product and/or service.

Joining an Action Learning Set or Mastermind group is a perfect way to explore ideas with a small group of other business owners to get help seeing things from other people’s perspectives.

Plan and prepare to ensure you have the right structure and time available to grow your business.

One of the hardest things when you’re excited about what you’re doing is to put everything in place so that you can grow a sustainable business. Yet this step is one of the most crucial.

How much time have you got to spend on your business? How will you break down this time to ensure all aspects of your business are worked on?

It’s no good creating lots of fantastic products if you’re not keeping control of your money. Cash flow is one of the hardest aspects of growing a business to keep on top of, but the most important. Without cash to buy raw materials or support, you can’t create your product or service to sell.

Using a planner each month, week and day helps you focus, keep on track and review where you’re up to against your objectives.

Have the right support and encouragement

Running and growing a business isn’t always easy. Many of us want to give up, hide under the duvet, or run away at various stages in our business life. Having the right support team around you will help you when times are tough, when you think things aren’t going quite the way you planned, and to celebrate each small step will make a massive difference to your business growth and success.

Being part of a business support group where people understand what it’s like to run a business, and be able to share things that your family and friends don’t understand, ask for help and get encouragement to do what’s right for you is a massive bonus when running a business.

Know you’re creating something special, one step at a time

Once you’ve committed to taking the step to create or grow your business, it’s important to remember you can only take one step at a time. We all love rushing around, and achieving amazing things, but that’s not always possible in growing a business. Just like watching a seed grow into a big beautiful tree, you need to remember your business is growing in small steps.

Put the foundations in place, get the right structure and support around you, nourish yourself and your business, and change things when the conditions alter.

Working regularly with a friend, coach or mentor will help you to keep on track on all areas of your business, even when you’re focus is on one.


If you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, you won’t want to do it anymore. It’s not just about smiling through the tough times. It’s about really taking pleasure from sharing your product or service with your customers and enjoying the work you do.

Use your planner to create time for you to enjoy each week, celebrate with your support team, family and friends each little win. Then plan what’s next in your business growth for the next stage.

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