One new Mum’s business growth story

There was once a new Mum who decided to start a business, whilst on maternity leave. She’d not run a business before, but she was enthusiastic, organised and friends told her, “if anyone can be successful, it’s you”.

She did the training, bought the stock she needed and started her business. Her husband and family and friends were supportive, she got her first customers. She’d started and was loving it.

growing a business isnt easy when youre a juggling mum

Pin to your business tips board as a reminder to ask for help

She built a website, and then decided she could help more people by selling online, so she added an online shop to her portfolio. 2 years on she was made redundant from her part-time job, which was the perfect impetus to grow her business to the next level.

She took on staff to help, and the business grew exponentially month on month with the focus she was now giving it, and spending time on the things only she could do, with team members specialising on other aspects of the business. There were contractors doing PR and marketing, and she was learning all sorts of things about social media as each new channel popped up.

She started blogging for business, and found she loved it, which was helping her business be found online and even more customers and referrers were coming through the door.

Then some life stuff happened. Focus was moved from the business to her personal life, at the same time as the credit crunch and worst recession we’ve known took place. Whilst she’d grown the business to a six figure turnover in 4 years, the crash literally took it’s toll.

Rather than asking for more help and support from specialists, she chose to try and fix things herself. Whilst caring for a a poorly relative and her young toddlers. She started hiding away and not talking to others pretending everything was OK. She even pretended to herself, which was probably the silliest thing she did at this time. With all good intentions she was trying to do everything.

In time she picked things back up, and the balls started flying around again as she juggled them with more ease. The first business was passed to a new owner so she could focus on other businesses she’d created and felt her skills suited more.

Whether this story sounds familiar, or you’ve got a similar background, what’s the lesson for your business you can learn from this story? For me it’s about support and asking for help. It’s about focusing on your speciality and getting other specialists to do their stuff for you and with you. 

What support do you currently have for growing your whole business? Are you focusing on small parts of it at the moment, or looking at the whole and not being detailed enough? It’s a challenge isn’t it! And that’s perfectly normal.

I set up the Business Cheerleading Club last year to help business owners like you to get the support, training and encouragement you need for ALL aspects of your business. Whatever industry you’re in, and wherever you are in your business journey, we all need support. I’ve learnt that my friends and family are great at some things, but being the right people to bounce ideas off, they are not!

I learnt the hard way, and I don’t want that for you. If you’re ready for all round business support and training, then the Business Cheerleading Club may be for you.
1. Monthly business tutorial on one aspect of business, 20 minutes
2. Monthly business expert workshop, 60 minutes
3. Monthly group coaching session, 90 minutes
4. Daily support, help, encouragement, tips, how to, place to shout, as well as a place to celebrate 

It’s a place I’m in regularly each week, answering questions, signposting, and helping people with whatever is needed at the time for their business. If you’re not sure if this is right for you, message me, and let’s have a chat and see what you’re wanting and needing right now for taking the next steps in your business.

I’d love to help you put all your own learning and development at the heart of what you do. I’m here to help, so please do ask. Don’t be like the lady in the story and hide away.

To your business success 🙂