When I started my first business, I was passionate about my cause.

how to find your passion

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I was passionate because I didn’t want others to experience the same problem I had – buying a bra that fitted one week and not the next.

Sounds simple, right? But we all know (whether you buy bras yourself, or whether you get earache from someone who gets frustrated when buying bras), that bra buying is complicated.

For background, I had a 2 1/2 year old and a 12 week old baby when I experienced this passion to help others. I’d been sold a bra by someone calling themselves an “experienced bra fitter”, who sold me a bra that fitted one week and not the next. As a new parent on a limited budget I was a bit miffed that I’d spent, for me, a lot of money on a lovely bra and brief set as a treat. And it didn’t fit. It certainly wasn’t comfortable.

If you’re not familiar with breastfeeding, and what happens to your breasts, when baby is about 12 weeks old your breasts settle from the big increase they’ve experienced after the birth of your baby. For me, I lost about 2 cup sizes at this stage, so my new bra wasn’t supportive, or comfortable at this stage.

This was in 2004 when the internet was only just starting to exist in our consciousness. I read more books about breastfeeding and discovered that my breast change was absolutely normal and this change would be happening to all women who breastfed for longer than 12 weeks.

My passion: To ensure other breastfeeding women bought the right bra for them without wasting money on bras that didn’t fit

At the time I really didn’t know about starting or growing a business. I just didn’t want others to waste money like I had. And I was uncomfortable to! Not great when you’re busy looking after two young children.

To say I wanted to start a business would be pushing it too strongly. All I knew was that I wanted to help others avoid the pitfalls of bra buying when breastfeeding. Starting a business hadn’t entered my head at this stage.

I didn’t know how to find my passion. I wasn’t even looking for it. It found me.

How to find my passion

You may have had something happen to you, like me, that you don’t want to happen to others. Or you may have discovered something others will benefit from too. Or you may have a real talent that you want to share with others.

Are you clear what your passion is?

If you’re still exploring your passions in life you may not be able to answer this just now. You may feel lost or frustrated that you’re not clear about what you’re passionate about. If this is you, you’re not alone. Some people feel throughout their lives that there’s something more they’d like to share, or do, but don’t have the lightbulb moment like I did.

We all discover our passions in different ways.

I’m not talking about the desire to earn money to on holiday, or buy nice things for our family here. I’m talking about something that bubbles away under the surface of your life that at some stage can’t be held in any longer and you just need to allow it to develop and come through your skin to come alive in your life.

For some this is a desire to help others who suffer the same disease as a loved one; or a real calling to help people in a foreign country who aren’t as fortunate as you and your family.

How to find my passion if it’s not clear

Ask yourself what you would do if you won the lottery, or had an inheritance that meant you didn’t need to work for money to live on.

  • What would you do?
  • How would you spend your time?
  • Who would you do it with / to / for?
  • Where would you be based?

Be aware of the challenges finding your passion

You may have a few passions. They may be interlinked or quite diverse. Don’t panic! It’s great you’ve got lots of interests in your life. Think about which one you want to explore right now. What’s most important for you to develop further. Is there one which needs to be developed before the others can happen?

You may feel that you’ve got passion but you can’t earn a living from it. That may be true, but hold tight and explore the next sections before deciding what your next steps are.

You don’t have time. Really? You’re reading this because you want to do something with that passion you know you’ve got. If you don’t, who will?

Take action:

Write down your one true passion you want to share with others

If you need help with finding one clear passion, book a Find Your Why session and let’s explore and identify your passion together.