Josie Dom

I met Josie Dom this year through a women’s network group and became fascinated by her work. She has such a passion for writing, creating characters and bringing them to life, and in her own words, for “nonsense”.

Josie, as an author, has stories to tell. But it’s much more than that. Josie is passionate about writing, and helping young people learn through playing with words. She works with schools to bring words to life through workshops and crafts.

Our families have similar interests, so we’ve made a connection on different levels this year. It’s lovely to meet new people. I’m so excited about Josie’s new book launch in the spring, and am looking forward to seeing her business (bookshelf) grow.

josie dom author of lumJosie began writing stories as a young girl.  The stories were mostly based around her passion for horse-riding.  As Josie grew up and went to College and then work, writing fell by the wayside.  However, since becoming a Mum in 2006, Josie returned to story writing as a way to entertain first her son, and a couple of years later her daughter.  With practice, Josie felt that some of her stories were ready to be published and so working with her husband as illustrator, their first book “Lum” was published in 2016.  To accompany the books, Josie has sourced cuddly “Lum” toys from a small handmade company in Lincolnshire (Exclusively Handmade).  Josie continues to write lots of stories for young children which will become picture books soon.  The next joint publication will be “Lum’s Mum” which will be available from Spring 2018.

Josie takes inspiration from the funny, everyday happenings and often from misheard comments.  One poignant story about friendship came about after mishearing names on children’s programmes giving her “Big Bad Barry” and “See-Through Tom”.

Josie’s books can be purchased from her website, or in person at various events she attends throughout the year.  Josie also visits schools where she runs interactive story sessions including art/craft activities, a treasure hunt and Q&A sessions.  In 2018, Josie will launch a new Storytelling Workshop for KS1 & KS2 schools.

Josie also loves writing limericks, so if you’re looking for something personalised and a little different why not have a personalised limerick created for your loved one.

I love learning about the process authors go through to get a new book published. There’s so many parts to consider. It’s great that Josie Dom is growing her book collection, as well as her storytelling workshops, so that more children will be inspired by words. And find fun through nonsense along the way.

You can buy Lum, (the book and the cuddly toy), or have a personalised limerick created by Josie Dom. Please contact her direct:



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