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Sometimes you come across amazing people who are so selfless that they aren’t really aware of what they’re doing and the impact it has on others.

When I first met Kay and Jo in the summer they were selling lovely jewellery and gifts at a friends girls night in party. We got talking, and they told me about their mission of being one world community, where everyone should have the same chances and opportunities in life. They told me about the projects they support, and why they do what they do – “helping to create a better world”.

I was hooked and have been supporting this social enterprise in a very small way since.

kcj gifts affordable eleganceAt KCJ Gifts, we pride ourselves on sourcing a wide range of high quality jewellery, gifts and accessories from our select suppliers, which enables us to offer a beautiful selection at an affordable price. KCJ Gifts are supporters of ‘Stir the Fire Ministries’ in Zambia. By buying a gift from us, you will be helping us to fund various projects, which will help with the building of new schools alongside a daily feeding programme where around 300 orphaned children are fed everyday. By buying a gift from KCJ Gifts, you really can give a gift and change a life.

KCJ Gifts was founded in 2016 with the aim of generating much needed funds for an orphanage and feeding programme in Zambia. We are grounded with a strong Christian ethos which leads us in our partnership with other talented and supportive individuals and businesses. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today!

Since our initial launch, KCJ Gifts and KCJ Projects have gone from strength to strength. Therefore, we have been able to help hundreds of people both here in the UK and over in Zambia.

Our gift and jewellery range offers a wide selection of beautiful, simple, stylish gifts for all budgets. We offer a gift wrapping service, and also a personal shopping service if you’re not sure what to get someone. If you’re not sure which of our projects you’d like to support, we’ll choose for you based on need as we’re aware of it at the time.

We ship around the world, and will be working up until Christmas to ensure your gifts get to the right people on time.

As I publish this, KCJ Gifts have reached their goal to send 160 pairs of shoes to the orphanage in Zambia they support. This is amazing for this social enterprise to achieve “simply selling gifts”, as some might say.

Their next focus will be on supplying text books for teachers, so they can teach children 7 different subjects each year. They will also be buying books for children to write in so they can learn in a new way.

I’m so inspired by what Kay and Jo are doing, it’s wonderful to have worked with them in a small way this year. I’m really looking forward to watching their business grow, and see the impact it has on communities in different parts of the world.

To shop from KCJ Gifts, or learn more about their projects, please contact Kay and Jo directly:

Facebook – @KCJGifts

Twitter – @kcjgifts

Instagram – @KCJGifts