You’re in! Let’s get started

YAY! You’re ready to start looking at things in a new way in a new uncharted landscape of a global pandemic economy.

passion is not enough create your road map for successI’m delighted you’re here, ready to look at your business with a clear focus at this challenging time. Whatever you do, wherever you’re up to in your business, this 5 day mini-course will help you create a road map for your next steps.

When you commit to putting 20 minutes aside each day to do each task, ask questions, and get support from Tracey-Jane you’ll be amazed how different the landscape looks. If you can spend longer then please do.

As you wait to get started on Monday 11th May, I suggest you have a read through the Passion is not Enough book and have a think about some of the questions in the workbook. The course won’t follow this route, but it’s a useful track to explore to get your mind thinking about things in a new way.

You’ll shortly get an email with initial instructions on. Please make sure you check your spam folder if it hasn’t turned up in the next few hours.

I know you’ve got so much going on in your head right now, so it’s important to schedule time in your diary to focus on your personal road map for your business over the next week or so. It’s also helpful to work with someone else, so I encourage you to join the online group and also share this mini-course with friends and business networks. The more we can support each other the quicker everyone will get back to growing their passions and their businesses.

We’re going to have fun turning things around to look at them differently.

Download the complimentary Passion is not Enough Workbook here: