Links and Books

Recommended resources for business owners

There’s loads of resources available to help you grow your business. This list isn’t exhaustive, or exclusive. Some of the books and products and courses we’ve used ourselves, (and we’ll write our reviews for them so that’s clear), others we know give the results business owners are looking for, from our clients, our friends and our networking.

When looking at recommended links, business books and suggested business training courses I suggest you think about:

  • what you’re looking to improve, or learn, or develop?
  • what are you wanting to achieve?
  • how do you learn best? Reading, watching, doing?
  • what support helps you to achieve your best results?

Whilst I love books, and grow my library every month, I also enjoy listening to audio books whilst in the car. I have some audio versions of hard copy books as I prefer to look things up as this helps me to really understand them well.

When I’m learning I like to watch, learn and do. I can’t learn things without trying things out.

Think about how you best learn before you invest your valuable time and money into books, courses, programmes.

And if you do have other suggestions you think may help business owners, or something which has helped you, please let me know so I can add it to this list.

Have fun exploring, growing and developing.



Build your Digital Marketing Strategy Book

With 20 years of experience, Steve Brennan has created a valuable resource for business owners at any stage of growing a business, and with any amount of knowledge of online marketing strategy. He offers clear advice, and tips to create, develop, action and review your online digital marketing strategy, whether you’re doing the work yourself, or paying someone else to do it for you.

Getting confident with Live Video for your business

Alice Miriam Andreat - live video specialist

In today’s automation domination, it’s never been more important to connect as one human to another. That’s why I love live video and use it to connect in a meaningful way with real people….I can show you how to use live video and feel fabulous about how you grow your business.” Alice Miriam Andreat

If you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur who is looking to grow your business by connecting with real people in a meaningful way, Alice is a fabulous help.

Courses, masterclasses, programmes and one to one coaching. I’ve learnt so much from Alice and highly recommend her to you. Learn more about how she can help you here: FABULOUS WITH ALICE


Learn all you need to know about Keywords and how to use them to grow your business online

online marketing keyword programme

This is the most comprehensive programme about using keywords I’ve come across and I love it 🙂


Find Your Why

This book is a practical explanation of how to find your own why, and/or the why of your team or business. I bring this to life in a facilitated session for you, or your team. More information about our Find your Why session

Start with Why

This book was a life changer for me, and helped me understand myself and what my true talents are. It encouraged me to be bold and use my talents for your benefit, and not hide them away.