Mercury Model

A friend first introduced me to the Mercury Model when we were talking about communicating with our children, and I was struggling at the time. I found the first book online, Learning without Tears, and read it from cover to cover. It all made sense, and I felt that I wasn’t a failing parent anymore, but there was an explanation as to why my eldest son and I struggled to communicate.

I went on to meet Helyn who lives not too far away, and attend her Mercury Model workshop, where I learnt even more about how we’re all unique in how we process information and communicate.

It’s been one of the most amazing things to help me develop as a person, parent and business owner.

mercury model workshopThe Mercury Model™

A new and original cognitive model for the 21st Century, the Mercury Model focuses on mental uniqueness. It easily identifies and accurately describes how our individual minds tick. It can improve learning and kick-start mutually respectful communication with people of all ages, both genders, from any culture, on any topic, in any situation – from classrooms and living rooms to boardrooms and bar rooms.

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

Albert Einstein

LEARNING WITHOUT TEARS (2008 Watkins Publishers, London), written for parents about the terrain of children’s minds, is the biggest step forward in communication since the invention of language.

(Also published by Sunnbook in China, September 2017)

FISH CAN’T CLIMB TREES (2016 Watkins Publishers, London) written for minds of all ages, this is bursting with studies and stories written by and about real people who use the Mercury Model in all walks of life.


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