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I’ve followed Lottie Moore for a while, and been fascinated by her work at Mindset Metaphors. She’s in an online group I belong to, so it’s been easy to sneakily learn a bit more about her and her work.

When she invited me to join a 28 day affirmation challenge during December, I thought, “why not”. It’s a way I can learn more about affirmations and the work she does, and obviously see how affirmations can help me in my life and work too. So I have been learning each day with Lottie, and it’s interesting. The way that the words we use may not be quite what we mean when we really think about it. It’s been great to use time to really think about what I want for 2018 for myself, my family and the businesses I want to work with.

lottie moore of mindset metaphorsMindset Metaphors believe that everyone has the right to live to their full potential in all areas of their life, and we support them to make that happen in three key ways:

  1. Training coaches and trainers to facilitate life changing Mindset Metaphors with their clients, including glass and fire walks
  2. Hosting events and retreats for individuals who are seeking deeper connections and conscious living.
  3. Working with organisations to develop their teams, allowing each member to experience empowerment, whilst exploring their vital role within the team. Creating a mindset for success.

Their founder, Lottie Moore, is a Sakahani Master Firewalk Instructor, and multi-award winning trainer, speaker, and mindset coach, who has been empowering inviduals with an array of breakthrough activities for many years. Drawing on her learnings from while she lived in Burkina Faso, Lottie brings a unique perspective to her training and events, igniting the passion and productivity within everyone she works with.

Lottie has marked herself out as the expert in her field, and is the ‘go to’ person for creating change, growth, and ultimately success, for all she works with. She is best known for taking people out of their comfort zone to create the results they seek from leading women to the rooftop of North Africa for International Women’s Day, to working with teams to create exceptional and dynamic results.

Lottie is passionate about enabling as many individuals and teams as possible to experience the life-changing transformation that Mindset Metaphors and Firewalking can bring.

Lottie has just run an event with 108 firewalks! Wow! Most of us haven’t ever walked on one fire have we?

If you want to learn more about Lottie & how Mindset Metaphors can help you, or your team, change a mindset, please get in touch directly:

Phone: 0333 772 9692

Email: team@MindsetMetaphors.com

Facebook: MindsetMetaphors

Twitter: MindsetMetaphor