Monks Astrology

Another talented artist visits our Advent Calendar today. Kathryn Monks is a gifted artist, with a love of astrology. Each piece of art she creates, whether it’s stained glass, stone, paint, drawing, or using her laser etching tool and placing beautiful Swarovski crystals, she creates each piece with love and detail.

Kathryn’s love of astrology has brought together her talent in fine art and creativity. She’s creating beautiful jewellery pieces focused on the stars, as well as the stunning astrological charts picked out in crystals. Monks Astrology creates unique gifts for anyone, young and old. The astrological chart is created first, for the occasion you choose, (it could be your business start date, or house move, as well as birth, wedding or christening), and then Kathryn does her magic to create a wonderful piece of art for you.

I’ve been astounded how talented and creative the people are who I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with this year. I’m delighted to introduce you to Monks Astrology.

Monks astrology birth chart clockMonks Astrology specialises in creating beautiful astrological charts, all hand drawn, laser etched to a high standard then adorned with Swarovski crystals. Each one is uniquely different as the chart is a direct reflection of the planetary motions in the sky above.  Some are fitted with a clock mechanism. Each chart comes with it’s own interpretation and are a not only lovely works of art but conversation pieces as well.

Astrology originates from ancient times to survive to this day. Scholars and mathematicians tracked planets in the night sky, and where the planets were in relation to each other is the basis of Astrology. Celestial timings and energetic correspondences, mixed with Greek archetypes and prediction was once the ownership of the Kings. Rich in history and tradition this subject is yours to enjoy. Everyone should know what his or her birth chart says. Most know what their Sun sign is, but most are unaware of where the Moon lies in their chart, what type of partnership suits them the best, or which direction their true destiny calls.

To find out these things, astrology is the process of triangulating between time you and the stars.  Using this process, you can use astrology to cast charts for births, weddings, events, or corporate art by finding out the time, date and place that things commenced.

Monks Astrology, made in Lancashire, with care and dedication by Kathryn Monks.   

To contact Monks Astrology to discuss the commission piece you want Kathryn to create:

Phone: 07821519454 

Email : Monks Astrology

Facebook: MonksFineArt