One of the hardest things, I’ve found, yet one of the most rewarding, is to maintain motivation for my business. When I’m motivated to do something, I’m buzzing. I achieve everything on my task list. Others tell me I’m on fire. I’m constantly smiling. I feel good.

Yet when I’m not motivated, I slump. Literally. Physically. I’ve had periods of time when I haven’t wanted to get out of bed. I haven’t wanted to open my post, or my emails. I couldn’t be bothered with my business. It was a nuisance. And that feeling spread into my personal and family life too.

So what better way to start the year than by getting some motivating tips from an amazing woman who knows exactly what it’s like to need to stay motivated for long periods of time. To be motivated to stay on top form even when the going gets tough. To motivate others to stay on their A-game too, even when you’re not ‘feeling your best’.

Learning some motivating tips to keep coming back to

Once you’ve learnt new skills, they won’t go away. Yes, you might hide them or not use them much. They’re still there. Learning motivating tips is no different from any other important business skill. You need to be able to motivate yourself and your team, even when you lose a big client, or your website crashes, or your delivery doesn’t turn up on time.

Learning motivating tips will help you stay on top of your game, and help you raise the aspirations and results of your team. Like most skills, there’s different ways of motivating yourself, and you’ll need to pull different tricks out of the bag at different times.

Alice Bromage, from Empowering Success, will be sharing some of her top motivating tips and busting myths in our expert workshop.

Alice has worked around the globe, in the military, corporates and her own business.

Alice recognised traits in highly talented individuals frustrated that they were not achieving as much as they aspired to in their lives – personally, professionally or both. Alice created her resilience leadership, team development, and coaching business to empower success in individuals and teams.

Change starts with you.

In this online workshop, Alice will motivate you to thrive, with tips to ensure you stay on track to your personal and business success.

What’s your motivating tip that you use and share time after time?

When do you struggle most to remain motivated? Share in the comments & let’s help each other stay motivated and have an amazing year.

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