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Tracey-Jane Hughes business coachTalking the steps through for your business growth with someone else can help you get your priorities in order.

As a small business owner, it’s often hard to take the time out to work on your business, when you’re needed in the business all the time. Working with Tracey-Jane Hughes, an experienced business owner, you can use the time together to develop ideas, get clear on your priorities, or learn how to do something you’re currently stuck on.

Stay on track with regular support and check ins. Get VIP access to Tracey-Jane’s email support and online VIP group when you know that you’re ready to grow your business with longer term support. Limited availability for all one to one work.

Regular one to one support

You can work with Tracey-Jane regularly in either 20 minute time slots, or an hour time slot, depending on what you’re wanting to achieve, the way you prefer to work, the way you learn, and your budget.

Had a great coaching session yesterday and gained some much needed clarity with the fabulous Tracey-Jane Hughes.

Alice Miriam Andreat

Fabulous with Alice

Tracey-Jane’s coaching sessions are always just what I need. Tracey-Jane not only listens to what I’m saying, but she also hears the energetic subtext underneath my words. She kindly rephrases my statements in ways that allow me to see where I’m tripping my self up by making things too complicated in my head! We then narrow in on one or two actionable steps and I’m unstuck and moving forward again!

Laura Donnelly

Action Learning Set / Mastermind group

Meeting every month, the group of up to 5 business owners, or managers, from across industries will work with each other offering ideas for solving problems; help you work through the options available to you; be part of your cheerleading team; and, act as your sounding board of business advisors.

What’s involved?

  • Half day every month to meet in secure online meeting room
  • Each person shares one issue/opportunity they’d like help with
  • Every person shares ideas/opinions/previous experience & contributes
  • You go away with an action plan from your issue, plus loads of ideas for other areas of your business. And a smile on your face
  • You’ll be required to sign a confidentiality agreement as you’ll want your business ideas kept secret, as do your group colleagues
  • Committing to a minimum of 3 sessions

Confident Business Owner Programme

Being confident in the steps you’re taking for your business growth can feel easier when working with someone else.

As a small business owner, not everyone will understand what it’s like to grow and develop a business. Working with Tracey-Jane Hughes, an experienced business owner, you’ll keep on track through the next 6 months to grow your business your way.

Using a mixture of one to one coaching, training and development, group encouragement and support, and weekly check ins, you’ll find you’ll stay focused on your business.
4 places available at any time

I wouldn’t have got this far, or as quickly without your support. I can’t believe what I’ve achieved since we started working together. And this is just the start. I’m so excited. Thank you.

Karen Peddie

Karen Peddie Holistics

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