Online Visibility Academy

Day 9 and December is whizzing by. Today I’m introducing you to some more lovely people, who run the Online Visibility Academy, who are skilled and knowledgeable in so many ways, and have helped us so much in getting our business growing.

I’ve known Sarah & Kevin Arrow for probably about 8 years, and followed their business growth and development, whilst dipping in and out of learning with them and from them.

Sarah is probably best known for her blogging knowledge, and running the 30 day blogging challenge, which I’ve done a few times and always dip into the resources for ourselves and our clients, but this is just one small part of how she helps businesses to grow.

online visibility academy

Marketing your business as an entrepreneur can be tough at times. You’re not just an entrepreneur; you’re a parent, a sibling, a partner, the chef and the bottle washer… You have some many capes and masks, it can be hard to remember who you are at times! And then there’s business you. You need leads, you need products and services to launch and then of course you desire leverage in order to live the life of your dreams. In fact, it can seem like you’re from outer space, that everyone everyone else is a digital native or speaking another language at times.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We support business focused superheros, like you, in growing your business using digital marketing. You’ll love how your time is freed up, your influence increases and your bank balance grows.

Online Visibility Academy

From How to set up your wordpress website, through Leads and LinkedIn, to Optimise Anything, and everything you need in between, we’ll teach you how to be visible online.

You take the online courses at your own pace, and we support you through our online groups, or our Visibility VIPs coaching programme.

Sarah and Kevin are so generous, and we’ve loved all the courses we’ve done with them.  The style is simple to understand, and you can go at your own pace, with their help along the way. The support groups they have are filled with wonderful businesses and helpful people, so there’s always someone on hand to help you with a technical detail for your website, or a general, “what do you think I should do about” type question.

It’s a real pleasure to showcase the Online Visibility Academy in our advent calendar. It’s a reverse one today, as they’ve helped us & we’ve learnt from them. They’ve helped build our confidence these last few years, and we know they’ll help you too.

For more information about Online Visibility Academy and the individual courses available, contact Sarah and Kevin directly:

Facebook – FollowTheArrows

Twitter – @SarahArrow      &    @KevinArrow