Our lives and businesses have changed, probably for ever. There’s no going back, even if your business is furloughed. The economy, customer needs and expectations, and what’s important to you has shifted. We don’t have a crystal ball. Each of us has choices, even if they’re not currently clear what options you have available.

Not sure where to go next?

No idea how to re-start your business?

Unclear if you want to run your business anymore?

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Your passion is no longer enough to run and grow your business. What may have worked in the past may not work for you in the future.

That’s OK.

When the credit crunch hit in 2008 my turnover halved within the first month. Having just committed to a three year lease, taken on staff in preparation to grow the business this turn of events was no-where near my business plan. It wasn’t on any of my advisers radars either. I struggled on, hoping, believing and trusting that what had worked before would work again.

It didn’t. There were other holes in the road for me, and I sank deeper into despair and depression.

Only when I’d sunk so low a couple of years later when I felt so alone had no where to go, did I finally have a light bulb moment of letting the business go. I felt I’d given up on my dream. Yet when I started to allow myself to think I realised that the business I’d started in 2004 was very different to the one I was letting go of. What I loved was something quite different.

I finally listened to myself, trusted my instinct and connected to my core values. Only then was I able to move forward.

I felt relieved. I started smiling again. I was able to connect with my young family again which brought me the joy I’d hidden away from whilst I lived with guilt of not being good enough to run a business.

So I know how difficult this period of change that no-one predicted is for you. I know how alone you must feel in making decisions right now. I feel your fear and your guilt and frustration.

What if you too listened to yourself? What would you hear your heart saying to you? It’s not selfish to listen to yourself. You may not believe it but you do have the answers to your current situation. You can take control and work out a new destination and create a road map to get there.



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