Courage to Listen Podcast

Listening to others inspires us to take our own courageous steps in life
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Listen to these inspiring conversations and discover how others found the courage to listen – to themselves, to others, the world around them – and how that created change:

The Joy of Connection with Enrico Massani

In the latest conversation with Enrico Massani he talks about the turning point that prompted him to listen more closely to himself when he lost his spark and some of his journey to re-connect with his inner fire.

He shares how it was scary, frightening and also life affirming to go into what he calls, “a cave”, from which his own inner light and wisdom was able to shine through.

Our conversation touches on some tips to find your inner spark and re-connect to yourself by listening more deeply.

To connect directly with Enrico:



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Having the courage to listen, adventure and create a space for those looking for more

Claire Thompson has much to share. She inspires, support and nurtures others with a multitude of skills and talents.

In this conversation Claire talks about listening to herself in a way of openess to possibility and has created a huge change in her life that has literally uprooted her to a new space. We talk about listening to nature as much as listening to ourselves and others.

Claire is building a “space for those looking for more…” in Sicily:

Claire shares thoughts and words to inspire us to listen to ourselves more here:

I hope you enjoy this conversation and it sparks something in you to encourage your courage to listen more to yourself, others and the world you live in.

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Listening with Laura Donnelly

Laura is an expert in Body Brain Balance, helping people find their flow through ease and awareness. In this conversation Laura shares some of her tips for listening with ease.

Laura offers one-to-one coaching, online programs and group coaching sessions. Laura has regular guests for her Healing Path collaboration to encourage people to find their own healing path:


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