One 2 One ListeningClient: One2One Listening is a not for profit organisation in Preston, who are about to launch their Listening Service.

Service: Project Management, Action, and Support

Client since: August 2015

Tasks we’ve undertaken include:

  • Working with the development group to understand the vision, project and process
  • Strategy development and business planning
  • Grant applications
  • Project plan to launch date
  • Advising on the website development
  • Marketing and communication advice
  • Creating volunteer role descriptions and volunteer handbook
  • Supporting training of volunteers

We’re very excited about this project, and are delighted to be supporting them to the launch of the Listening Service in Preston. Working with a volunteer group, offers different challenges to those faced by small businesses.

Having worked in the voluntary sector for a number of years, we understand working with volunteers. We appreciate that we’re working with a group of passionate, dedicated people, who have a vision they want to realise. Our job has been to pull all the ideas and desires into a strategy and plan for how the project will work in practice.

Part of the project plan, to develop resources and materials for the project, is also being carried out by the Manage Those Things team. We’re in the process of developing the volunteer handbook for One2One Listening, having developed role descriptions for Board members, Listeners, Supporters and the Supervision team required in the project.

The One2One Listening project is due to launch the service in September 2016.