The Seatpost Man

I’ve known John Lee for 16 years, and he’s such a creative clever man! Always finding solutions for technical things, and always having a great idea about something. The difference is, he actually does something about his ideas, unlike most other people!

When John first started helping friends, and people at bike races to get their bike seatposts unstuck, he started working out there was a solution to this issue which prevented damage to the bike. As his friends had some expensive bikes, this was really important! Ha! And so the Seatpost Man was born.

It’s been wonderful seeing the Seatpost Man business grow, and people travelling, or sending their bicycle, from all over the country to have the seatpost unstuck and removed.

Whilst the seatpost man website is currently being re-designed, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity of giving this fabulous business a shout out in our advent calendar.

Great businesses often come from finding a solution to a problem no-one else has worked out. This is a great business & it’s a delight to be supporting and sharing in this way.

seatpost man

My business specializes in professionally removing tight or seized seatposts from bicycle frames using a totally unique method which will withdraw the post (intact if possible) in a safe and frame friendly way. 

Over twenty years ago a friend asked me to attempt to remove a seized seat post from an old BMX frame. My method was successful and was my inspiration when more recently another friend asked me the same thing.

As this seatpost was in great condition I designed and fabricated a tool to remove it, with little or no marking, to allow it to be reused and have since used this method to great effect on more customers bikes. I have now increased my tooling and can remove damaged or fully seized seatposts from most frames.

You may have struggled with a seized bicycle seatpost yourself, or know someone who has. Well, John and his seatpost man tool will get it unseized for you! He’s successfully removed more than 600 stuck bike seatposts now, and loves helping people get back on their favourite bike.

Contact the Seatpost Man direct to book your poorly bike in and get that seatpost unstuck:

Phone: 07539474088

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