Selling Made Easier

Isn’t it wonderful when you meet someone and you just hit it off? Well this is exactly what’s happened this month with Hayley Caine, who does amazing things with businesses through her business Selling Made Easier.

hayley caine selling made easierYou are a very smart cookie.  You know what you are doing, you are an expert in your business.  You are madly passionately in love with what you do, and if you could only tell the whole world about it, you know with absolute certainty that you would make a fortune. 

Do you know why most businesses fail?  The business is not duplicatable, the owner puts everything into it and does everything in it, and sales are insufficient.

Particularly if you have come from corporate world where you might have had someone to kick you up the bum to reach your targets … or else! No bonus, no pay rise, and it is extremely likely that you wouldn’t have got that promotion either.

So what is it being an entrepreneur?  You want it but there is no drive.  It’s what you have always dreamed of.  The time freedom and to work whenever you want to.  And it would be even better if you just had consistent cash coming in but currently it’s probably up and down like a roller coaster.

That’s why accountability helps.  But wait.  I know you have heard about accountability before but what about specific sales accountability?  Actually being held accountable to somebody who will literally kick you from here to Timbucktoo if you don’t do what you said you would do.

It’s totally different.  It just keeps you on track.  It actually improves your sales.  It leaves you feeling better about your business, about your life, about your sales, giving you increased income because you are actually getting down to it.

It works because you sit with a group of other like minded people around my kitchen table and bounce ideas off each other.  Inspiration not desperation is definitely the theme.  And you lift each other high.

Hayley is inspirational and motivational, and I met her after some of her clients told me, I “had to meet Hayley”. Well, they were right.

Who knows what 2018 will bring? We just know that having met each other, the people and businesses we work with will grow quicker with us knowing each other, and possibly working collaboratively with some clients, then if we’d not met. How exciting! 🙂

Contact Hayley and Selling Made Easier directly and she’ll help you sell more easily:

Phone: 01257 544401


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