Start that Difficult Conversation with Simona Frumen

Conflict Resolution Expert Simona Frumen helps you get comfortable to start that difficult conversation you’d rather not have.

starting that difficult conversation simona frumenSimona is a lawyer, a mediator, trainer of mediators, and a coach. In this workshop, Simona will be helping coaches, trainers, entrepreneurs and business owners find the right words to start the conversation with their clients who do not show up on time, don’t do their homework, don’t pay on time; or staff or contractors who aren’t doing what you’ve asked or paid for, etc.

Even if you do not have a nightmare client yet, learning about it can be used with other people in your life where you want to express yourself fully whilst not hurting the other person by doing so.

This 60 minute online workshop, and checklist helps you set the space, tone and strategy to start a difficult conversation the next day.

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