It’s those niggly small tasks that often hold us back, isn’t it? That thing that others tell us, “oh, that’s easy. It’ll only take you 5 minutes”.

You never find those 5 minutes though, do you?

Small tasks are often big asks?

  • The smaller the task, the longer it sits on your to do list
  • The task is small because it’s simple to do, right?
  • Small tasks are often the things you’ve never seen done, because they are so small
  • These tasks niggle away and are often the cause of your mind monkeys keeping you awake at night
  • You’re scared of small tasks as you “might break your website”, or “I’ll do it wrong”

So, what’s stopping you complete these tasks?

  • Time – well, we think we’ve got 5 minutes somewhere, but actually, your colleague’s 5 minutes is 2 hours for you isn’t it?
  • Knowledge – we all learn about things in different ways, and some things just aren’t interesting to us. Not everyone wants to know how to check webmaster tools and set up google+ accounts
  • Confidence – we may have been shown how to do something, but, “when the website has cost me £x and Y time, I really don’t want to break it do I?”

Hand over your To Do list to those who do have time, knowledge and confidence

Manage Those Things can take on tasks big and small. However, it’s often the small tasks which make the biggest difference to our clients business. Small tasks often aid the big ones to get done.

One off small tasks are charged hourly, with a minimum £29 for any task.

Get in touch now & let us clear those niggly small tasks off your To Do list.

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