Recognising that something needs to change is one of the biggest steps we can take to create success in our [business] life. You may have no idea what needs to change, but the fact that you’ve recognised something does is a massive step.

How do I know? Well, I’ve many stories I could tell you, but here’s one for now:recognising something needs to change is one of biggest steps to success

Something needs to change

I was sat in my shop unit all by myself surrounded by stock staring at a computer screen. I literally had my head in my hands. I wasn’t happy and hadn’t been for quite a while. I wasn’t doing what I loved, which was helping people. What struck me in that moment was that I was unhappy because I wasn’t doing what I loved. I recognised something needs to change.

It had nothing to do with money. Although at the time I thought my predicament had everything to do with money. I wasn’t happy because I was following what I THOUGHT I SHOULD be doing, rather than what I’d LOVE to do.

In that moment I realised that I had to let that business go. It was a model I’d created from scratch, and whilst I loved the ethos of the business and what it did to help others, the process of the business wasn’t right for me. The light bulb moment came when I felt I was at my lowest. I’d been hiding away at the unit from my family because I felt guilty about the money side of the business. I was hiding away from friends as I felt I was a stuck record and they didn’t want to hear my woes yet again.

Yet what I didn’t realise until years later was that in that moment I was taking control. I was finally listening to myself and making my own decision about what I wanted. What was best for me. And ultimately what was best for my business and my customers. I had spent so long (a few years by this stage), following models that worked for other people, and doing things with the best of intentions, but not for the right reasons for myself and my business.

I went home almost straight away and told my husband I was selling the business and he was amazed. It felt like this dream I’d held onto for ten years was falling away. He wasn’t sure I’d be happy to let it go until we sat down later when the children were in bed and I explained my epiphany moment and what I planned to do next. I was going to continue with the business I loved – supporting others, training others and helping others start their own businesses. I was getting rid of the online faceless shop that I no longer had love for. Sitting in a unit processing orders wasn’t what I started out to do. It was that I was getting rid of.

On that day I re-found my motivation for life and business. It didn’t take long to find a buyer for my profitable online business, the one I didn’t want to run as it wasn’t ME. It only took a few months to move forward. Yet that day was pivotal. I finally listened to myself and KNEW I had to change something. I also worked out what I had to change.

How to recognise something needs to change

It may be a sense that’s something’s not right. In business your figures may be way off what you’d usually be expecting. You may feel off balance but aren’t sure why.

You may have become ill, or feel an area in your body is sore. You may have headaches.

Your relationships may have changed. You may feel like you’re on a roundabout going round and round and don’t know how to stop or get off.

Noticing there’s something “not quite right” about yourself and/or your business is an indicator.

Anything that you’d add to this list?

Are you listening to yourself?

You may think you are, but we often hide information from ourselves. I found, and still do, that when I journal I often don’t let myself write things down which is a sure sign that I’m keeping things hidden!

If you see something or hear something you can’t un-see or un-hear it can you?

That’s what our minds are really good at doing – hiding things it doesn’t want us to see. There’s a part of us that seems to like being a stuck record. It felt like I was on this hamster wheel unable to get off until I took that control for myself.

I’d wanted business advisers, friends, family and mentors to tell me what to do. At the time, what I recognise now, is that they were brilliant at keeping me in that place of not being able to move forward. They kept giving me advice (which is what I was asking for), which I kept following. I was jumping from one thing to another with no consistency. You know consistency is one of the keys to success don’t you? So I was putting all my energy into listening to other people hoping for a lifeline to help me out of the hole I was in.

Not one of them encouraged me to listen to myself in a way I recognised. That’s why I’m so passionate about you listening to your self. I know you have the answers, you just haven’t had the space to work things out yet. Working with someone who truly listens to you and allows you to listen to yourself is key to your success. A skilled listener, coach or mentor who allows you that space, but also reflects what they observe will be a big part in helping you see things differently.

Ready to create some change?

You may have found something resonate for you here. You’re not alone. I’m working with clients right now who feel stuck and are unsure what to do next. So together we’re working through some simple steps to help them listen to themselves and what they’d love. What their true passions are and what’s their driving force in life. Some clients over the years have realised through this process of listening that running their own business wasn’t actually what they wanted to do. It wasn’t their thing. What they were brilliant at was bringing their skill and talent to someone else’s team to bring a team vision to life.

You can take these steps yourself with this five day challenge. If you’re ready to explore what needs changing join us on this journey. I’ll support you as you explore the options if you’d like?

Passion is not enough: Create your road map for the next steps

Are you good at listening to yourself? What do you do to ensure you continue to listen?