Thank you for your first payment. I’m delighted to welcome you to this place where Business owners take action & cheer each other on.

You’re obviously keen to get your business moving more quickly, and this group will help you to do that.

You’ll be sent a series of emails to get you set up, and we hope this initial phase is a smooth one. There are some bits of software you may be unfamiliar with, but please do embrace each aspect of the support and resources we’ve put in place for you.

You’re now able to join the Academy where all your resources and training materials are, and where you can ask questions. Please introduce yourself in the INTRODUCTIONS forum. You’ll be sent a separate login for this.

We’ve also got a Slack conversation for daily asks, tasks & chat. A place to share your content so that others can learn from you and help you be found by your ideal customer.

There’s currently a Facebook group as well if that’s where you tend to spend your time. You’re welcome to join this too, but this is being phased out as we learn how to best use the Academy and Slack.

I’m so excited you’re ready to take action & grow your business. We’re really looking forward to working with you and seeing your business grow and develop.

Any questions at all, please just ask 🙂