4 steps to be an award winning business owner

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Being an award winning business owner is one of the proudest moments of your business journey. Just like an actor winning an Oscar, it can be one of the most exciting things to happen in your career. Even being nominated for business awards is a real achievement. Does it mean your business is successful? Well that will depend on how you define success doesn’t it? πŸ˜‰

What makes an award winning business owner?

You are your business. You create, lead, direct, recruit and are totally in charge of your business. Directing it to business growth is one of your main tasks as a business owner.

Business growth doesn’t always lead to success. Some businesses can grow too quickly causing cash flow problems; or not recruiting the right people for the team; or reducing customer service or quality in favour of quick growth.

I believe that an award winning business owner is one who directs the business to bring ideas, products and services to the target audience in an ethical way. [I’ll be sharing my thoughts on an ethical business soon.] Business growth is part of the mix of what others see as award winning, but that’s not always down to the numbers on your profit and loss account.

  • If you’ve brought a new product or service to your target audience, are you standing out from the crowd in your industry?
  • Are you using technology in a new way which sets your business apart from others?
  • Does your team have unique qualities that show your expertise in a way that attracts your target audience directly to your door?

You are the director of all these elements, and that’s what makes you unique. You are the conductor of your business orchestra, bringing all the parts of the business together to create smooth seamless customer service for your customers to experience your fantastic products and services.

Consistency and working hard are all part of being an award winning business owner. If your peers or customers have recognised you as putting the effort in to your business to support and help others, then you’ll be a winner in their eyes, whether you have a trophy on your shelf or not.

Entering business awards

You may be fortunate and have other people recognise your talents and recommend or enter you for an award. I’ve had that, and it’s an amazing feeling. There are many business awards which can enter yourself. Entering business awards is a great opportunity to share your business, it’s successes and strengths in a high profile event.

It’s likely you’ll have business awards in your area which you can enter. There may be industry awards. Awards for female business owners. Awards for technology business owners. Awards for logistics and transport. Awards for learning and development. There are more awards than you may imagine, especially if you’re new to entering business awards.

The process of entering business awards is a great opportunity to reflect on how far you and your business have come, and congratulate yourself on your award winning business ways. Even if you don’t win the award, you’re a winner for setting up, creating and continuing to develop and grow your business. Unfortunately there’s not a medal or trophy for that. You’re doing a great job though, and I’d love to share your success story.

Are you an award winning business owner?

Here’s the elements I believe you need to have in place before you apply for any award. This is also the approach I advise to clients wanting to grow their business. You don’t need to have a trophy on your shelf to be an award winner in the eyes of your customers and suppliers.

  • Consistency – Always do your best and be the best business you can be.
  • Communication – Good communication inside your business and to your customers, suppliers, and network is crucial so that others can see and understand what you do and why you do it so well
  • Customer service – This is the foundation of being an award winning business. Listening and responding and offering advice, support and encouragement. Whatever your product or service
  • Cheerleading – OK, so the term may not be one you use every day & may be a bit cheeky, coming from the Business Cheerleading Club, but if you don’t celebrate and talk about your successes, and those of your customers and team members, who will? Be your own best cheerleader πŸ™‚

Find an award to enter & go for it:

There’s lots of different awards, and categories, so finding the right one can take time. Start with your local borough, county, region. Some of the networks or groups you belong to may have their own awards. There’s a good business awards list here.

Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from entering awards. The profile you can receive even from a successful nomination or shortlisting can help your business grow and be visible to your ideal audience. I’d love to hear what you’ve entered and your experience of working towards being an award winning business owner. Leave a comment below.

If you’d like support getting yourself and your business ready for being an award winner, Join the Club. I’d love to work with you more closely.