Your business is yours to grow and develop as you want. To the plan you’ve created.

We all need help though. “Who can help me build my business?” is a question all business owners should keep in mind.

It’s not just about finding the right customers, who are the obvious answer, but there may be people who can become referrers both formal and informal who can help you build your business.

Whilst these are important aspects, I’d like to focus on some other lesser thought about areas.

Who can help me build my business?

who can help me build my business so I'm not aloneHave I got all the skills I need to grow your business? You may have most of the skills to build your business, but have you got them all? You don’t need to become an accountant, as well as an IT expert and systems analyst, but you do need to manage all aspects of your business.

So this question is really, who has the skills to help me build my business? You’re going to need a team of people to either do, or support each aspect of your business as it grows. Write a list of all the job titles you’d allocate in your business, and write a name against each one.

If you need to learn new skills, to support one aspect of your business, how or who can help you to do this? Think about how you learn best. Is it by doing? Is it by taking a course? By reading? Watching videos? Do you know an expert in this area who can help you build your business by sharing their knowledge with you?

Is it better for your business, at this stage, for you to learn how to do this role, or get someone else to do it for you?

Who do I know who can help me build my business? Think about:

  • Who is working with your ideal customer at the moment?
  • Would your product or service be an added bonus to that customer?
  • Would they be prepared to offer your product/service to their customer in return for an exchange of some kind? An affiliate fee, or an introduction fee?
  • Could you offer their product/service as an addition or support with yours to make a better offer to the customer?

Do I have the right support around me to grow my business? Are your partner / family / friends supportive, and giving you the space you need? Do they have skills they can offer to help you grow your business, or are they your listening ear when you need to talk something through, or rant and rave when something hasn’t gone to plan?

Do you have a place /  person / people to ask ‘silly’ questions, find out where to get the best deals, meet new suppliers. It may be a series of people or groups to fulfil this purpose. Again, think about your whole business and what areas you need most support with.

Ask for help – your supporters aren’t mind readers

One of the biggest areas of support for you, will be you asking for help and support when you need it. Having the right people is one thing, but then asking them to help you at a particularly busy time, or to do a certain task, or help you develop a new project is another.

You’re the leader of your business. Even if you have paid staff or team members doing tasks, you still need to manage them and lead them to the next stage of business growth. If you don’t communicate with them, how will they know you want to grow your business? It might be your dream and passion. If you haven’t shared it with others, how will they know?

What steps can you take to work out “who can help me build my business”?

Share your steps in the comment below and commit to taking action to growing your business.

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