A productivity planner for your life and your business

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have tried and tested many different diary and planning systems of the years to find the best one for you. If I’m honest, I’ve never really found the “right” one for me.

Many productivity planners focus on one thing, like marketing, business goals or personal development.


What I’ve struggled with is that my life is made up of many different parts, and a planner, to me, needs to take account of that. When I’ve fallen into confusion, or missed getting back to a customer, or sending a form back to school, it’s because it was “on that other list” or that “other pile”. It’s not great customer service is it?

You may have been there too. When you’re trying to be all professional on the phone, whilst you’re trying to cook tea, with a toddler at your heels, and you just know you should have done something for this customer. But you haven’t. They’ve fallen through the cracks. How bad do you feel?

It’s not a great feeling is it?

When the family think you don’t love them

Yes, that feeling too. When the family think you’re working so hard that you don’t want to be with them. Actually you just hadn’t told them you were finishing this big piece of work for a client, and needed to get your head down this week.

Yes that’s quite a bit about communication, but it’s also about how you’re structuring your life and work, and being productive in both. We often feel like we’re juggling, and getting no where fast.

What if you could have one productivity planner to check all parts of your life and work to ensure that what’s priority this week or month, takes precedence in your schedule? Would that help you?

13 week productivity plannerI’ve created a 13 week productivity planner to help you keep on track with everything that’s important to you.

Why 13 weeks? I think that by chunking things down into smaller timescales it’s easier to focus. It’s a smaller book too, so you’re more likely to carry it around with you and use it, which is always a good thing with a planner isn’t it?

We all know life changes and things happen, in your life and your business. You may want to adapt your focus, or your process, or you may need to take some time out of your work to focus on your family life. A lot can happen in 13 weeks!

Within this productivity planner for life and business, I’ve included questions for you to answer each week. To re-set and ask yourself what’s important this week. Is it family, is it me, is it my work? Then by writing this down you’re allowing yourself to commit to focus on that. It’s OK to move things around.

I created the video walk through just after the planner arrived, so I’m a bit excited! I can see how this is going to work for me, having everything in one place. I’ll be keeping this one planner plus my online diary which I share with my family, rather than my current juggling of personal diary, work diary and development planners separately.

This planner may not be right for you. It may be perfect for your friend though. We are all different, and in all of my work I encourage you to find the right way for you to do something. My eldest son loves the outer cover. My youngest son would prefer it to be plainer. However they both can see the value of the inside pages, and tracking progress on the areas of your life and work which are important for the next 13 weeks.

I’d love to hear what you use for planning how you’re going to achieve everything in your busy life. Let me know by leaving a comment below.

If you think this whole life productivity planner will help you, or someone you know, here’s our introductory offers to help you at this time of year:

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