Wisdom Oracle

I first met Deborah at a women’s personal development group run by the lovely Sarah Walton in Lancashire. It took me a long time to really understand how Deborah helped people, and it’s been wonderful getting to know her over these last two years.

This year I’ve worked with Deborah more closely and have been amazed at how by opening myself up to listening to myself more, and using my intuition, I’ve had a more relaxed and positive year. No more ‘forcing’ things. Simply listening and following my instincts for my personal life as well as my business growth.

Yes, I know, it sounds a bit “woo woo”, but Deborah has simply given me the confidence to work out what’s best for me, and do it, however bizarre it sometimes seems at the time. My motto is, “If it works, go with it”, so I have.


Wisdom oracleI’m Deborah and I am the Wisdom Oracle working with my intuition to really see what is going on in your life.

You may be feeling stuck, confused, frustrated, at a crossroads in your personal or business life and not knowing which way to turn or which direction to take.

You may be having sleepless nights or undue worry or anxiety over a decision you know you need to make and just do not know what is the right decision and are scared of making the wrong decision.

You may be feeling powerless or overwhelmed by perceived external circumstances or other people dictating your life, even though you have a nagging feeling that you should or would love to be doing something else.

You may be seeking spiritual direction around your calling or purpose.

Or, alternatively you may just be thinking “there must be more to life than this” and do not know in which direction to turn. I remember that feeling well and it took me 15 years and thousands of pounds to just start to get some answers. Working with intuition gets to the crux of the issue a whole lot quicker.

Don’t worry, I can help.

As the Wisdom Oracle, I help you gain Clarity on any issue that you are struggling with in your life.

I can help you overcome feelings of overwhelm, procrastination, confusion, worry, anxiety or even a health issue that you cannot shift or get to the bottom of.


If you’re feeling stuck, or slightly off balance, I can personally recommend Deborah as the Wisdom Oracle to help you get unstuck and back in balance. She works through skype and zoom online meetings, and her smile and laughter is infectious, as well as her caring and understanding nature.

To book a session, or learn more about how an intuitive coach like the Wisdom Oracle can help you, and your business grow, contact Deborah directly:

Phone: 07883371717

Email: deborah@wisdomoracle.com

Facebook: WisdomOracle

Twitter: @wisdom_oracle